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Miles. My little Two-Year-Old.

Happy Birthday, Miles!! You're two today! 
We've had a lovely weekend celebrating you. We threw you a party yesterday morning. Some of your favorite people were there. The theme for your birthday was a bit girly. I apologize. Next year you can have a say in it. ;) The theme this year was Spring! It's been a long Winter and so I wanted to celebrate the ending of Winter and the beginning of Spring - even though it was a blustery and cold, winter-like day outside. 

Chalk art doesn't last long in this house before it gets smudged or drawn over. I tried.

Lemon Cake with a Lemon Curd/Buttercream filling with whipped frosting.  

This fruit salad was lovingly created by your father. You' loved it!

Gruyere + Bacon Quiche, Sausage Biscuits, Fruit Salad and Lemon Cake.  
Such a yummy birthday brunch.

Couldn't have a Spring theme without pretty flowers. Your daddy loves me.
My little bookworm. You were SO excited about your new book.

You did not want anything to do with blowing the candles out. So big brother stood in.

Your party theme quickly changed to DUPLO theme. Almost every gift you received contained a set of Duplos. Which completely made your day. You are such a fan of stacking and building. Your family and friends know you well.

Today (on your actual birthday), we decided to be brave and took you out to breakfast. Aside from a few squawky moments, you did really well. Sometime soon, we'll be able to do this more often - you're just still too unpredictable. 

This is how you answer when someone asks how old you are. Twoooo!

I love sneaking a peek (or a pic) when you're praying. 
After breakfast we went to Choo-Choo Bobs. You were in train heaven. Your Grandpa Paul would love it there and would be proud to know that you share the same love for trains. You spent some of your birthday money there too. You have such kind Grandparents.
A perfect place to go on a cold Winter Spring day. 

I looked at the clock at 7:35pm tonight on our way home from our church's Small Group, and was immediately transported back 2 years. I remember so clearly the day you were born. I waited for your arrival for what seemed like forever. I remember hardly sleeping the night before you were born, not because of contractions, but because I was excited about the possibility of going in the next morning and being induced. I'm so glad that they had room for me on that mild March day. I don't think I would have liked to go another day without knowing you, without feeling your tiny fingers, or hearing your little voice, or snuggling with you, or smelling your smelly little toots. Okay, maybe I could have gone without that last one. Seriously, dude. Your newborn toots totally cleared the room. And two years later you're still a little stinker.

You are a wiggly-handful, my little two-year old love. You're always on the go...even when sleeping. There have been nights where I have gone in to put a blanket on you, only to go in a minute later to find the blanket already off of you. Sometimes you roll out of the blanket before I even leave the room. You keep me on my toes. You have a special skill of making me laugh and groan in the same minute.  I'm embarrassed to say how many times I say "no" to you each day, my naughty little Milo. You seriously know how to push all of my buttons. ALL OF THEM. But then there are those moments in which you squeeze in a sloppy little kiss, or say funny things, or surprise me by gobbling down the food I make for you, and that gives me hope that I won't have to pull out all of my hair.

Your adoration for your dad is so endearing. You are his little shadow. Every weeknight around the same time, you pull up your little stool and peer out the window, awaiting his arrival from work to home. He receives your chatter, your radiant face and your hugs with a huge grin as he comes through the door. I think he rather likes being adored. I mean, c'mon, who wouldn't want to come home to that?

I love that you call your dad: papa and me: momma (sometimes in a French accent). You're still working on a name for Simon. It changes every time I hear it.

What I don't like are your poopy diapers. Seriously kid, they are the stinkiest things ever. You're so generous to me. A daily chore that I sometimes have to do multiple times a day. Definitely not my favorite. But I'm glad you're regular. Really, I am. You do make me smile a little bit after you've done the deed, by pointing to your little butt and saying "Pe-Yew". That is one of the instances where the laughing and groaning in the same minute second occur.

I love it when you say or do something that cracks yourself up and I hear you sigh to yourself  "good one". Or when you start singing "No way, no way, no way..." to yourself. You surprise me with your personality. You enjoy your alone time. I'll find you upstairs all by yourself playing quietly with your cars, dinosaurs or reading a book. You don't share very well and so I think playing by yourself is a good way of avoiding having to practice that virtue. Someday.

Your love for music is adorable. Your dance moves crack me up. I love watching your head bob to your favorite tunes. Your favorite songs are "My God is So Big" "Here We Go Go Go On An Adventure" (Cat in the Hat),  the old Batman theme song and "Hallelu Hallelu Praise Ye The Lord". 

I know I shouldn't find it so funny when you say the word "no", but I do. I think it has something to do with how you say it and what you do when you're saying it. You're usually serious and you're usually pointing your finger at the lucky person as you say it. And you use a lot of tongue when you're pronouncing that naughty little word.  I also like it when you say "Yah". "Do you want to go bye-bye?" "Yahhh."

You adore puppies and will usually make a puppy sound when you see one. And crackers. If you could live off of crackers, you would. Sadly, you're a picky eater. Some days are better than others. You do enjoy pretty much any kind of carb, yogurt, bananas, oatmeal, sometimes eggs...

You are totally my son when it comes to getting out of the house - you even do well shopping...most of the time. You love to people-watch. This current winter has been such a hard season for you. You LOVE being outside. Being cooped up is not your favorite. This Spring/Summer is going to be HUGE for you - I already foresee many trips to the park and lots of walks with you, my energetic little boy.

TV and movies do not appeal to you. I think this is a good thing. But sometimes....I wish you would sit for 30 minutes and take a break from being a human tornado.

You are shy and do not like to go to other people when papa and momma are around. I have noticed in the last month or so that you are getting better at this. Babysitters are usually met with loud cries of protest (which to your credit do not last long after we leave - or so we've been told).  I know that I should feel honored that you love us that much.

You are so very different from your older brother. And yet, you compliment him so well. He ADORES you with every fiber of his being. You have cast a spell him. The amount of patience and love that he has for you is precious. I hope you come to admire and appreciate it as much as I do. When I think back to when you were born, one of the biggest highlights was introducing him to you.

From the very first meeting he has been your biggest fan. When I think of the future I foresee two brothers who are different and yet who are the best of friends.

Happy birthday, my love. My littlest one. My Milo. My stinky-butt-kid. My Miles Paul.

We love you, buddy!


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