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Three updates...

We'll be closing on the house on the first of February 2011 (instead of the middle of December).  We discovered that we wouldn't be able to get out of our apartment lease at the end of December (even though we were told that most likely we could), so we're kind of stuck in our apartment until the end of February.  Instead of paying for both a mortgage and apartment rent, we asked the sellers if they would be willing to delay the closing for a couple of months.  Thankfully they were okay with that.  Whew!!  It's a little disappointing that we couldn't get out of our apartment sooner, but it's also a blessing in disguise as we won't be moving around the holidays and we'll be able to use up all of Peter's vacation time (which he'll lose at the end of the year) to go see MY FAMILY!!  Squee!!  (More on that later).  We are a little concerned about moving in the middle of February - the weather is so unpredictable around that time.  But we're glad that we have a whole month to make the move (hopefully we'll find a weekend where the weather is on the milder side).

I'm giddy with excitement (really, I am) about our upcoming trip to see my family!!  It's been over a year since I've seen them (the longest I've ever gone).  I'm already making plans for our trip to Fort Wayne in December (a bday present to meeee).  The things I'm looking the most forward to are:
  • Hanging out with my brother and his adorable girlfriend
  • Playing with my little siblings (who aren't so little anymore)
  • Chatting with my mom
  • Being in my hometown
  • Seeing some of our dear Flint friends
  • Driving around and hitting up all of the Christmas displays
  • ...and showing off my son to everybody!!
I am greatly looking forward to this upcoming "vacation".  What I'm not looking forward to is:
  • The 20+ hours in the car (there and back again) with a 2 year old.  Can you say portable DVD player??
  • Naptime and bedtime in a pack n' play.
  • Saying goodbye at the end of our stay - so many tears and the great unknown as to how long it'll be once I see them again.

All in all though, it's worth the drive and the stress of sleeping to see my family and friends. :)

I'm partnering up with CMB Global Products to sell my dizzy frogs.  It's a new website/company so I'm predicting business to be slow at first, but hopefully once the word gets out, we'll be able to rack up some sales.  I'm excited to work with Curtis and hope to see both of our businesses grow. 


  1. Awww... YAY! I'm so glad you get to come see your family! This makes me happy. :-) I know you miss them a lot.

  2. I'm so glad you get to see your family :) I know what it's like :) We'll be passing through Ft. Wayne on our way to MI ;) I'll be sure to "wave" hello!

  3. Oh I'm happy about the house too!! YAY!!!

  4. YAY!!!! I am SO glad you can go to Ft. Wayne!!!!!! That's epic and awesome and wonderful. You can totally make it in the car - drive overnight and then that's like the whole trip with him asleep. You can do it. :) Happiness oh happiness.

  5. You're totally borrowing our DVD player. We haven't even broken it out of the box... so lemme know how it works! ;)


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