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{The Month of May} That Times of Refreshing May Come...

It's been over 2 months since my last post. A lot has happened since then. Especially in the weather department. I am happy to report that Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota.  Actually, I think we might have skipped spring and gone straight to summer. It's been in the 80's all week - I'm not complaining, not one bit. I'm super happy that there are now leaves on all of the trees, they finally match the brilliant green grass. As I type, I can see lilacs bursting forth on our bushes right outside our dining room window. My peony's are starting to form tiny buds. There are already armies of ants crawling all around them, pleading with them to open. I'm pleading too - I can hardly wait!!  My tulips did not do so well this Spring (and the ones that did open I had to race to grab them before our mean old rabbit chewed off the petals - grrr - I'm still bitter towards that furry creature! I'm this close to trapping him and making rabbit stew. I'm kidding!
The lucky tulips I was able to rescue from the mean old rabbit.

The birds are alive and well and their chirping wakes me up in morning. My boys require nightly baths due to sweat, dirt and sand, and our yard is already showing wear and tear thanks to many mini-baseball games in our front yard. My heart is slowly thawing towards the weather. It's hesitant to really believe that the warm weather is here to stay. This winter really abused it. Trust is something my heart is working on reestablishing (Note: I'm this close to going in and seeing if I have a seasonal disorder).

The month of May has been a whirlwind of activity. Between birthday parties, Mother's Day, a LONG roadtrip (27 hours spent in the car with a whiny/teething/2 year old - not cool), visiting with my family, getting a short hairdo for Summer, meeting my newest nephew - gosh, I miss him, visiting my grandparent's farm (my last visit there was when I was 17!), unpacking, farewell gatherings for sweet friends, enjoying a full and beautiful Memorial day weekend with my boys (MN Zoo - ftw!!). And now current day - I'm packing for yet another trip - this time I'm getting ready for a mini-anniversary trip with my favorite (which will start on Sunday, June 1st!! Hello June!).

May has been fun...but exhausting.

This morning as I was sipping my coffee I had a thought softly pass through my heart. Be still my soul and know that I am God. Be still. I don't even know if I know how to do that anymore. Have I ever? To be still and meditate on my God. What a wonderful and seemingly impossible thing to do. When was the last time I felt like I could physically do that? Even when it's quiet around here (which believe me, that doesn't happen all too often), there's a bazillion things going through my brain. A to-do list the length of my arm, laundry that needs to be done + folded, clutter that needs to be put away, snotty noses that need to be wiped, timeouts that need to be enforced (why is my 2yo so obstinate?!?), school that needs to be taught, weeds that need to be weeded, toys that need to be picked up (for the millionth time), meals that need to be planned + cooked... Be still. I wish there was a reset button for my thoughts/to-do lists.  I wish there was a soundproof room in our house that held no distractions. But there isn't. And that's not how God made me. He created me to be a multitasker. He created beautiful things for my pleasure (oooh, flowers blooming! Those clouds are gorgeous, my little boy wants to snuggle!...) He created my quirky brain (and probably laughs at all of the silly things I have on my to-do list). But He also created me to yearn for something better, something holier. And so I cannot ignore these yearnings. My time with Him might not be perfect in my mind, but it's time spent together, and right now any time spent together is worth celebrating.

Salomon Farms, Fort Wayne, IN.

To honor the month of May and the craziness that it's been. I'm going to post pictures. I do love how pictures remind me of the happy moments and the blessings that I live and breath each and every day.
{May Day} My little niece, Leyna, turned one!!  She totally attacked her adorable smash cake that her creative momma made for her.  And she did it while modeling a dizzyfrog hair bow - such a cutie!!

Mother's Day - my 6th!! Gosh, how did I get to be so lucky? Confession: I love to look at still photos of my boys. The main reason?  They aren't moving! And squawking (Miles). It's the same delight I get when I go in and gaze at them as they're sleeping. I can't believe I haven't sprouted any grey hairs. *knock on wood* Lucky, yes. They make me smile every day and bring joy that I could only experience through being their mommy. <3

{Fort Wayne, IN}

Fort Wayne, the city I where I was born and raised. 

We visited Salomon Farms in Fort Wayne, these little guys stole my heart. SO cute!!

Salomon Farms, Fort Wayne, IN.

I met up with my oldest friend, Lauren and her adorable baby. We've been friends for going on 20 years now. Wow.

Speaking of babies.... meeting this little guy was the highlight of my trip. Luke, nephew #2. First and only nephew on my side of the family. I still can't believe my little brother is a dad!
These boys!! I think they need to form a band. We loved meeting Gray and hanging out with his awesome parents and our other friends, the G's.  Fyi, Gray's mom make these awesome bow ties and infinity scarves. If you're in need of either or both, check out her etsy shop.

{Farming Around}

At my Grandma's farm!! There was a smudge on the camera - we didn't realize it until all of our family pics were taken and we were back home. :(
It was so fun introducing my boys to the wonders of the countryside. 

This lane holds so many memories. The clearest memories are usually of little Jessica on a bike going to get the mail.

I used to sit under this willow tree as a little girl and play on the recorder, sing songs to myself, or write in my diary.  Now here I sit 20 years later, with memories flooding back.

As soon as I was done strolling around the farm reliving memories and snapping pics, I came back and found this man, bringing my past back into my present and future.

{Back Home}
Back home. And more goodbyes. Julia has been such an amazing friend. I love how God brought us together.
Saying goodbye is tough. Especially for my tender-hearted 5 year old. He latches on to people so fast and hard and it's difficult for him to let go. I'm so glad he was able to spend the day with his friends before they left for the beautiful and warm South.

 {Memorial Day, 2014}

We're at the zoo!! Miles is cracking me up. He did not want to get in close for a pic. And that face!! lol!

Snack break. Their favorite.

Simon was thrilled to have a spider painted on his face.

 That face!! Oh, I just want to smooch all over it. (waiting for the tractor ride to pick us up and take us to the farm).

LOL! I laugh every time I see this pic.

My boys were not fans of the water feature. They're kinda like me - they don't like cold blasts of water all over their warm bodies...and splashed in their face. Maybe next time they'll like it more...

Wow, I could post a ton more pics, but I think I'll stop. I'll just have to post the rest to a random FB album.


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