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Baby G. take 2

So much has happened since my last post. The biggest and bestest surprise was finding out that we're going to have another baby in March. We're excited and nervous, but mostly excited. It didn't take Simon long to convince him that there's a baby in mommy's tummy. Unfortunately, he's not getting the concept that only mommy's carry babies in their tummy's...not 3 year old little boys. ;)

I'm 10 weeks today. Yay, double digits! So far I'm feeling great! Tired all the time, but that's too be expected.  When one is pregnant for the first time everything is new and different. The second time around I've been finding myself examining and questioning everything (i.e. did this happen when I was pregnant with Simon?!). I'm more curious to find out the gender of this wee little one more so then I was with Simon, just because I'm constantly wondering if the differences in this pregnancy vs. my previous one are signs that it's a different gender. I go back and forth between thinking it's a boy and a girl. The main theory that it's a boy is that I'm not experiencing any morning sickness (just like I didn't with Simon). But that's about where it ends. I feel like more hormones are surging though me. Thankfully I'm not emotional or cranky. But during the first 8 weeks my face broke out a lot more and my boobs are way more tender (sorry if that was tmi :p).

My food cravings have been out of this world too! Every night it's something different (yay for 10 pm cravings! - not.). And of course most of the cravings are for things I don't have.  A few weeks ago I was obsessed with New York Style Pizza. You know, the kind that has the foldable crust, and the oil laying on top of the massive amount of cheese.  SO amazing. I was cursing the fact that Sven and Ole's Pizza was SO far away! I couldn't stop thinking about their pizza and finally for date night 2 weeks ago we found a little local pizzaria and had a few slices. Heaven (well, semi heaven, it wasn't S&O pizza). :p Taco Bell has also been a mega craving for me. After my husband got food poisoning (for the second time) back in March from Taco Bell, we haven't been. It still makes my husband sick to even think about it. But not me. I have to literally change the channel whenever Taco Bell commercials come on...along with any other food commercial (especially the State Fair commercials - oh yum!!). The desire for food is so great. With my previous pregnancy even though I didn't get sick, I was still a little sensitive to food...especially the smell.  Not so with this one. I could pretty much eat anything I wanted without a problem. These are just a few of the things that I've been craving as of late:

Boston cream pie
Taco Bell
Pasta Sauce
Fish sticks (I don't think I've ever had fish sticks in my life and yet, they're a huge craving for me - wth?)
Mott Sticks
Fruit (grapes especially)
Coffee cake
Fried chicken

There are a couple exceptions that I just don't crave anymore. Here's the biggest one (and most shocking!):

Coffee. Yeah, weird right?! I used to have a couple cups a day but up until just this morning the thought of making a pot of coffee just sounded yucky. I would totally drink it at somebody else's house or if I splurged and bought one at a coffee place. I was even okay with coffee if my husband made me a special Vietnamese iced coffee or latte.  But the thought of me making it (with our nasty cheap coffee - which I used to be okay with - just didn't sound appetizing). I finally broke down yesterday and bought a fancy bag of coffee (Blueberry Crunch) with my babysitting money. So far that's helped a lot. Sorry Hill Bros. you're just not good enough anymore.

I think I might be showing just a teeny bit. Am I strange to be excited about that? I'm actually looking forward to having a little belly (I have to find a way to curb my ever-growing appetite or else it's going to be a BIG belly). I hate this pudgy stage and the stage where you're excited about your pregnancy but nobody knows about it unless you tell them, because you don't look pregnant. It's just awkward trying to fit a "oh btw, I'm pregnant" into a casual conversation. I'm also excited about feeling my little one's kicks.  Speaking of which, is 8 weeks too early to feel ones baby?  Probably. The other night I was sitting on the couch all quiet like wearing my tight jeans (i.e. the waist band was tight against my stomach) and all of a sudden I felt a faint tap. To me it felt different then the usual gas bubbles popping. So now I'm curious. I know a lot of women have claimed to feel their baby move that early, but it just seems odd that one could feel something that is only an inch long. I've felt similar movements a few times since.

I scheduled my first prenatal appointment for the 23rd of August (just before my 12th week). I'm excited. It'll be fun to hear my baby's heartbeat and to watch Simon's eyes grow big as he hears his little sibling for the first time. Did I mention that Simon thinks it's a girl? We ask him every now and then if he thinks it's a boy or girl, and every.single.time he confidently says "gurl". The other night Peter asked him if he thought it was going to be a brother or a sister and without hesitation he said "ister". I did't even know if he knew what those words meant. Sometimes little ones have a second sense about these things. I'm even more curious to find out just to see if he's right. ;)

When it comes to what gender I want, I seriously could go either way (a typical "good" mommy answer, I know). I think it would be fun to have 2 boys. Easier even. I know what to expect and honestly, I think boys are easier to raise in general (coming from a girl's perspective). ;) We already have a ton of boy stuff, and it would be easier for two boys to share a room then to later have to figure out where to put a girl when she's older (our house is a little tight when it comes to bedrooms).  But I won't lie, having a little girl would be fun. Having a son and a daughter just seems quaint. Also dressing my little girl up in little dresses and headbands sounds like something that I would enjoy. Plus, she'll have 2 girl cousins that she can grow old with (one of which will only be 7 months older than her)...and at least two little girlfriends who will be 5 months older. :)  We'll see. It's fun being okay with either option and I know whichever gender the Lord blesses us with is going to be perfect because God knows what's best for us and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I think I'll end it with that. :)


  1. I totally identify with everything you said! Well, except the part I didn't read... all about food. Blech. haha

  2. bwahahaha. I had Sven and Ole's last week. Truly, the best pizza on earth. What IS it about their pizza that makes it so dang delicious? :-)

    And while I haven't had as many particular cravings, I sure identify with food being a blessing and a curse.

  3. Yay!! That's so exciting! Gosh, I just loved being pregnant and this post definitely brought those happy feelings back :)

    I definitely felt Chloe at 12 weeks (I ignored it at first because people said it was way too early). I felt Alexis at 8 weeks (Valentine's Day) and Joe actually felt her too... it was crazy, but we totally did!!

  4. LOL, Rosanna! Sorry about all the food-talk. ;) Sometimes I envy you and your food aversions. I feel like I'm eating WAY too much. So far I've only gained 1 pound, so I think I'm going to be okay. These cravings can't last all 9 months, right?! ;)

    Jo, I saw you posted about S&O pizza last week, and I about died. I think I've asked Peter half a dozen times if he's sure there isn't a closer location. ;) I should have had you pick up a pizza for me. A week old S&O pizza is better than nothing. :p

    Christine, you don't know how HAPPY your comment made me!! I'm so glad to know that you felt your baby at 8 weeks too! I think Peter could have felt the baby move this morning while I was laying in bed. It was a pretty hard movement (compared to the normal light ones). It's so bizarre and sweet to feel the gentle movements so early on. I felt Simon at 14 weeks, but I'm 8 pounds lighter this time around, so I think it makes sense to feel this baby earlier. :)


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