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September, what a busy month (and it's not even over yet!!).

I don't know how many times I've started this blog entry and either had it deleted by my sweet darling boy-child sweet and darling part>, or by my computer crashing before blogger could save it all.  It's been a rough month for me (thankfully with quite a few happy things to lighten it up), and so between the blog post getting deleted and my sucky attitude, i'm just now taking the time to sit my butt down and finish this "project". 

It's almost the end of September already!!  When did that happen?!  It's hitting me hard that our move is coming up fast (how many times have I said that this year?  Too many to remember - hopefully this will indeed be the end of our wait!).  We were forced to move our closing date to the end of September (because I guess 5 months wasn't enough time for the sellers to find a place to move to???). I have to admit I'm getting kind of nervous.  I've bitten quite a few nails over the fear of missing out on the tax rebate, all because the sellers don't have a place to go.  Not.our.problem (and yet it's become quite our problem!).  I'm really fed up with having to deal with *their* issues.  I feel like they're walking all over us and we've bent over backwards for this house and problems keep arising.  I feel bad for anyone who has to work with them OR their Realtor in the future (I'm ever so grateful for our kind of patient Realtor!!).

Okay, enough with the depressing stuff, one week from today we'll hopefully be signing papers and will be first time homeowners. ((Breath in, breath out.  Repeat)).

Now on to the fun and exciting stuff that I'm been forcing myself to remember throughout this month.  (Side note: The only downside to remembering such sweet and fun memories is that I want to revisit them SO much when the tough gets going). Visiting with friends and going to outdoor Fairs are two of my favorite things to do...and now that Autumn is upon us, the fairs have began to disappear.  It also seems like forever since I've hung out with friends.  Very much looking forward to tomorrow where I'll be surrounded by friends - yay for the MOA and fun get-togethers. :)

So to make this a much shorter post, I'm going to use pictures to remind myself of how fun September has really been.

Minnesota State Fair: I decided that I was going to take pictures of all the food that this body of mine consumed. Haha...scary!
The first on the absolute favorite!!

Pina Colada Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

Thousands of people! 


A Fair favorite - cheese curds!

Another MN State Fair favorite!!


Sweet Potato Fries!

Trampled by Turtles.  Awesome local band from Duluth - myspace their music...they're awesome!!

Shadow lovers. :)

This made me think of Dan Morgan - lol!!
guess I don't have a picture of my yearly cotton candy splurge (which I brought home to eat)...but I had to mention it since it's one of my guilty Fair pleasures. :)

Visiting with the Morgans: Such fun we had with Dan and Leslie Morgan and their super adorable son Timothy!!  Peter and I hadn't seen them since Flint days, so I was happy to see that even though it had been 6 years since we had said goodbye to them, we were able to easily slide back into a comfortable and easy fellowship...and hilarious conversation. Although I don't ever remember our conversations from back in the day revolving around changing diapers and the feeding habits of little-boy-children. ;)   I didn't take nearly enough pictures, which is quite sad.  These pictures I actually stole from my friend Johanna (which just happens to be a mutual friend of the Morgans - such fun!).  We spent the day at the MOA and then drove up to North Branch and spent the evening with the Puelstons.

Who would have thought the next time we were all together, we'd all have kids...boys at that. ;)
Awww, I miss this girl!!  Les is one of the sweetest girls I know...and Timothy - SO adorable!

This was taken around 11:00pm at night after loooongng day of laughter and lots of food.
 I have to say, I've missed the facial-cheek workout that I get whenever I'm around Dan and Les.  My cheeks just aren't the same without you crazy people. ;)

Babysitting my little Niece Penelope Danger: Tuesday the seventh, was my first day watching little Penny.  What a joy she is!! She's super laid back and such a happy baby.  I'm glad that I get to spend my "T" days with her (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Simon adores her already and is always on paci-duty.  He's such big helper. :)

Cousins. :)

Isn't she a beauty!!!

Crossing Meetup: Johanna had a couple of girlfriends come up to visit her and decided to share her sweet friends with us on a very early Friday morning. It was great finally meeting Heidi and seeing Lindsey again (picture again swiped from Jo's fb).


Haircut:  I got my yearly shock of a haircut on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I regret going in because I pretty much hate my hair right now.  I look at the previous pictures of this post and start missing my "longer" hair.  It's going to take FOREVER before this short pixie-wannabe grows back.

Zoo Outing:  This was a fun day!  Rosanna and I met up with some mommy friends (and their little cuties) at the Como Zoo.  I at first decided not to go since I was going to have Penny with me, but Rosanna changed my mind and talked me into going...and I'm glad she did!!  I had such a fun time!  Penny was perfect, lounging in my wrap the whole time and Simon couldn't be happier to be outside. I wish we could have gotten a group shot of all of us, but sadly that didn't happen (hmm, I wonder why...oh yeah the combined 6 kids made it a little difficult - that's riiight).

Isn't she such a doll!!

Auntie Jes almost bought these for her.  Such a cutie!!

Simon enjoyed watching the giant Polar Bear swimming right before his eyes.

What is it with kids and little tiny caves?  Kept him happy for about 10 minutes.

Such a fun time we had! (pardon Simon stuffing his face with crackers).

Jude enjoying his sweet ride.

Rosanna was a trooper and pushed not one, but two heavy little boys. 

The little monkeys loved Jude!

I stole this from Rosanna's FB.  I love this picture of us! :)
Time to go home!
Okay, there's much more that I want to add, but this post is waaay too long.  I'll sign off with promises of more (I saw that rolling of eyes). 

**On a serious note, If you think of it, would you pray for our September 30th closing date?  Pray especially that we wouldn't run into any complications and that we would be able to get everything signed so that we might still qualify for the tax refund.  Thank you!!  To God be the Glory.


  1. Fun times... I can't believe all that has happened just since September started! Whew. Love the pic of us. :)


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