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Fun things to look forward to...

The end of August is upon us.  September is already promising cooler temperatures and fun fellowship. I'm excited for Fall to arrive...even though, I'm not very fond of it's spouse - Winter.

Peter and I are going to the Minnesota State Fair on Wednesday (thank you ahead of time to Grandma and Grandpa Gulbranson for watching Simon!).  We were going back and forth concerning taking Simon and just decided that with the crowds and and such, he probably wouldn't have a very fun time.  Next year he'll adore going and will be able to deal with the large crowds and no nap in a better way (fingers crossed). So yes, tomorrow will be glorious.  The weather is looking to be perfect and the company splendid.  I'm already planning in my little head what I want to eat - Sweet Potato Fries and Hawaiian Shaved Ice are ranking high on my list. :)

Thursday, I get to spend the day with two very old friends and their adorable son.  I haven't seen them since 2004 (?).  Wow, how is that possible?!  I can't wait to see them and to catch up on the last 6 years.  I can already tell that there will be much laughter - Dan can make me laugh like no other.  My abs will get a workout and I will definitely be wearing waterproof mascara - the laughs will be that hard and intense.  Take my word for it. Ahh, Thursday can't come fast enough!! 

Starting next Tuesday, I'll be watching my little niece 2 times a week.  I'm *really* excited.  Simon is going to get to know his little cousin and will have fun having another little person to play with.  I can already hear the giggles that will soon be filling my little apartment...and then house!

We close on the house in less then 2 weeks.  Majorly excited!

I'll leave you with a few pictures that make me smile every time I see them.  I love my iphone camera!

I ♥ St. Paul
That smile.  Oh my.
My new guilty pleasure.  I'm obsessed.
Jude got his very own cake to smash and demolish.  Don't worry, there were yummy cupcakes for the rest of us.
Jude's Smash Cake! Jude definitely gets the prize for completely demolishing his first bday cake.  I was impressed.
Simon in Sesame Street heaven.


  1. Holy crap. Cleavage! ::embarrassed panda::

    I like your fun stuff... can't WAIT to help you move/clean/decorate the new casa!


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