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Mother's Day take 2

I celebrated my second mother's day this past Sunday (third, if you count mother's day 2008 when I was 6 months pregnant). I had an enjoyable day that was spent at home, church, Gulbranson house and ending again at home. Simon was a little trooper, spending the day with family without a nap. He promptly fell asleep in the car on our 20 minute drive back home from Peter's family's house.

I was spoiled by both my husband and son (not to mention Peter's sweet mom and sister). Peter gave me a bunch of purple tulips (my favorite!) and Simon gave me the new Emma on dvd. Simon also picked a dandelion and gave that to me too (my first flower/weed from my child!!!).

There are many things that I'm thankful for as a mother, here are just a few things that I've jotted down.

Simon makes me happy in ways that no other could:

The feel of his little hand in mine as we walk together.

The way he pats his chin to "say" thank you.

The infectious giggles that come out of his little body as I tickle him.

The funny noises he makes when he sees an animal or a baby.

The words that come out of his little mouth that surprise us on a day to day basis. Ready set go and 1,2,3 are his newest phrases, although you would have to be his momma to understand what he's actually saying. ;)

His sloppy wet kisses.

The way he goes to bed each night. This is usually how bedtime happens at our place: Me: "You want to go brush your teeth?" Simon upon hearing these words, takes off running to the bathroom. ((brush, brush, brush)). He then hops down from the closed toilet seat after brushing his teeth and runs into his room. He pops his precious paci into his mouth while his daddy holds and prays for him while I lay my hand on him. He likes to lay his head on Peter's shoulder while acknowledging the prayer with mmms and uh-huhs. It's the cutest thing ever.

I love watching him play at the playground. He has no fear and will go down the scariest slide without hesitation.

The way he climbs onto the computer chair that I'm sitting on to sit behind me as I type.

His fascination with game shows. Seriously, he loves these shows - his favorite being Deal Or No Deal. I think it's the constant clapping and the cheering that fascinates him. It's really cute watching him clap right along with the audience.

He's my little boy, my buddy, my baby. My love grows stronger for him every day, even when the whining seems to be more then I can handle or when his strong will gets ever stronger - the good outweighs the bad and I can say without hesitation that I am SO blessed to call him my son.


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