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Is it February yet?

Oh look, it's still January. Maybe if I go back to bed, it'll be February. Or not.
I'm cooped up here at home for the millionth day. I hate being responsible and keeping us sickies at home - spreading germs is so tempting right now. Buuuut, I wouldn't wish Strep Throat on anyone, so I'm staying put.

I'm trying to stay busy and not daydream of being outside in warm weather with the sun shining down on me... There's a lot to do around here.  Being sick for 3 weeks (over Christmas AND New Years) really made a mess out of our home. Just picking one of those things would make our house messy....add being sick and preparing and living through the holidays...yeah. CRAZY.

To help me stay busy, I decided to tackle one room a day and DEEP CLEAN. I'm also working through the 21-day Organization Challenge. I love a good challenge that seems doable. So far, one day down, 20 to go.

The other thing I'm tacking this month (and hopefully for the rest of the year) is setting aside quite time for ME and the Lord. I'll be honest. I failed miserably in my quiet time in 2012. I couldn't seem to find anything that worked for me. I always fail at reading plans and reading random parts of the bible just doesn't work for me for long periods of time. I need more structure...but a manageable plan. I'm a finicky person.   

This is a picture of what my morning looks like:

1. Coffee. I have to have my coffee in the morning to calm and sooth my crankiness away. I'm not a morning person. I love my ombre tumbler from my sweet SIL. I can't drink my coffee out of a normal coffee cup least during the winter months. It gets cold way too fast. In my tumbler it stays warm for hours. Love.

2.  My phone. While my littlest one takes his bottle, I check my email, facebook, instagram....  I also, use my phone for my first set of devotions. She Reads Truth has become a favorite mini-devotional for me. I can access it from my phone, read the short (and deep) devotional and look up scripture all from one app (or you can access it from the She Reads Truth website or YouVersion's website. I like SRT's devotionals because they're not overwelming and it usually gives me something to chew on during the day. And it gets me in the Word.

3. My bible. Most of the time I'll just use my phone to look up scripture, but sometimes when I'm doing my other devotional (more on that later), I like to use a real bible. There's just something sweet about opening up my well-loved bible and seeing highlighted spots...and notes with dates on them. It's almost like reading a journal.

4. Q&A journal. I love this book. It's pleasing on the eyes and fun too! Here's today's question:

5. Jesus Calling. I received this book as a Christmas gift. It was on my wish list as I had only heard good things about this devotional. I'm 10 days in a love it. Just like She Reads Truth, it's a short devotional with scriptures to look up and meditate on. So far I've been challenged to be thankful and to work on trusting. Two things that I have realized I'm not very good at doing in my walk with Jesus. I can already tell these two things (among many) will be my theme for 2013. 

6. Finally my planner. I love this planner (I bought it at 70% off a couple of weeks before the New Year). It's not exactly my style - but I love the format of it. Lots of space to write down to-do lists for the day and even a place to journal about the month. When I'm done with my devotionals, I open this book up and write down my list for the day. Yesterday was my first day feeling well enough to actually accomplish tasks. Today seems to be a good day too. On my list for the day:

- Day 2 of The 21 Day Organizing Challenge (Coat Closet)
- Hem the boy's bedroom curtains with my *new* sewing machine!
- Deep-clean Front Hall/Steps
- Figure out dinner. Again.

It may not look like much, but it'll keep me busy. 


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