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Happy Spring!

Yet another blog post while pregnant. It's so strange to be overdue. I feel pretty good for being at 41 weeks. I always imagined women who went over to be miserable and bedridden. Haha. I've had a lot of energy this past week. I think the past week and a half's weather has helped my outlook on life. We've broken 9 out of 11 weather day records. Such a strange last week and a half of Winter! It's funny now that it's officially Spring today, because our weather is a bit cooler than it's been.

Speaking of Spring...I just realized that I'll be having a Spring baby. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, so I now have both seasons covered. ;)

It's been an active week. We've enjoyed walks around the neighborhood, around our favorite park, 1.4 mile walk to our neighborhood coffee/ice cream shop, and a few visits to our neighborhood parks. Even though I've completely enjoyed being out and about in this beautiful weather, I'm getting to the point in my pregnancy where I don't really like to be out in public. lol. I feel like everybody stares at me or asks when I'm due. And finding shirts that cover and stay put are hard to come by. I dug out one of my long non-maternity knit maxi dresses on Sunday and felt SO comfortable in it. If it didn't look so dressy, I would probably live in it until little Miles arrives.

I kind of feel like if I don't have Miles today, I won't have him naturally. I know that's not completely true, but that's how I feel. My midwives don't want me to go past week 42. It's kind of surreal to think that by this time next week I could be holding my little baby. I don't really have any worries about being induced. I have full confidence in my Midwives and I feel like my body will respond well to it. I think it's really just waiting for a kick-start and I'll be ready to go in no time. It's frustrating that my body won't go into labor on its own. I know it's ready. I can feel it, I've had confirmation and I've done this before. And heaven knows that I've had enough "false" contractions throughout my third trimester to frustrate and confuse me to no end. So what's the hold up? There have been days where I don't feel like my prayers go anywhere. I'm afraid to pray sometimes because I don't want another "no".  And yet, praying is the only thing I know how to do. I asked Jesus to give me hope as I opened up Psalm 20 today. The first couple of verses did just that:

1. May the LORD answer you in the day of trouble! May the name of the God of Jacob protect you! 2. May He send you help from the sanctuary and give you support from Zion... 4. May He grant you your hear's desire and fulfill all your plans! 5. May we shout for joy over Your salvation, and in the name of our God set up our banners! May the LORD fulfill all your petitions!

I was encouraged and felt better after a few minutes of prayer and reading. Simon came in and noticed my bible open and asked me to read to him. So I was blessed to read the passage all over again to a giggly little boy. I asked him after I had finished reading if he would like to pray for baby Miles. He placed his hand on my belly and said a little prayer for his baby brother. My heart melted and I couldn't help but feel even more encouraged.

I've had such an enjoyable last couple of weeks with Simon. He's been so caring and compassionate and he's really come out of his shy-shell. He's made so many new friends, both young and old at the parks we've visited. He's been a HUGE helper not just to me, but to complete strangers! He makes my heart sing and I'm so proud of him. I think everyone needs a little Simon in their lives. ;)

I'll sign off with a few pictures from this weekend.

Simon being goofy and enjoying a picnic dinner before the launching the kite.
Simon flying his first kite. He flew it like a pro!

The sunset was so beautiful... 

...and made for a awesome silhouette of my son flying his kite.
40 weeks, 5 days!

My flowers are popping up all over the place. I'm SO excited!! :D


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