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Groundhog day, pregnancy edition.

The surprise of going 'any day now' has officially worn off. 2.5 weeks of anticipating, hoping and being disappointed as each morning comes around is getting old. I wish they hadn't told me that. :p Yet another week has rolled around. Another laundry day, another day of cleaning (trying to keep the house organized and clean for when the big day/night comes around), another grocery trip, another weekend with my boys, another Sunday at church. Another week of packed bags laying around freezer meals waiting to be eaten...

Peter's boss was so kind and gave Peter Friday off. It was nice spending a 3-day weekend with him...I think we both needed a break from normality. Simon really enjoyed it too. He's been such a daddy's boy lately. It's pretty cute watching Peter's little shadow following him around...and hearing him say, no no mommy, daddy do it. Yesterday was my last Sunday volunteering in the nursery. I came home completely exhausted. I really thought that I would go into labor after all of that stress (fussy and crying toddlers, bending over/squatting to pick up kids/toys, feeling ohsotired...), but no, nothing. If that didn't put me into labor, I don't know what will. ;)

I woke up this morning kind of depressed.  I feel like I'm reliving the same day over and over again. Groundhog day, pregnancy edition. I'm so over the acid reflux - it's the worst at night (I can't seem to eat anything that agrees with me), being out of breath, the uncomfortable sleeping positions, not being able to do the simple things without being uncomfortable (bending over to unload the dishwasher, leaning over the sink to wash my face, lifting heavy laundry baskets...). I also feel like I'm overdue, which is crazy seeing that I still have another 8 days until I reach my official due date. This pregnancy seems WAY longer than Simon's felt.  But the worst feeling is that I feel like my body is stalling. I felt more contractions at week 34 than I have at week 38. Isn't that backwards? Shouldn't I be more uncomfortable now, then I was then? Baby Miles is still quite active, which I'm thankful for  It hurts and I'm often uncomfortable due to his frequent and quite forceful movements, but I count each of those movements as a blessing, knowing that it's a sign that he's thriving...although thinking about how big he's getting is starting to frighten me a bit. :p

Ah, it feels good to unload on this blog of mine. Sorry for the whiny post. I'm tired of hearing myself whine too. Hopefully the next post will be full of baby pictures of my precious Miles.

Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD. Psalm 27:14

The LORD is good to those who wait for him, to the soul who seeks him. - Lamentations 3:25

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. - Psalm 62:5

Things I'm thankful for:
  • An all-sufficient Grace for which I do not deserve and promises from the Word of God that feed and sustain me.
  • A husband who puts up with my whining and pampers me when I'm feeling especially uncomfortable.
  • A son who is full of love and everything precious. He's been so sweet and adorable lately.
  • Friends who care about me and check in to make sure I'm doing okay.
  • Sleeping well at night (even if it's uncomfortable at times).
  • Still fitting into a couple pairs of regular jeans.
  • Having enough time to feel prepared and not feeling rushed/surprised.
  • Gifts from family and friends. I feel so blessed.

The latest gift, created by my sweet SIL, Jackie. Whenever I see it, I smile. 


  1. hang in there! You're gonna make it. And contrary to how you are feeling - you will NOT be pregnant forever. :-) See you tomorrow if you're not in hte hospital!

  2. I had terrible reflux too, hang in there! hope you can find some ways to enjoy the next few days :)


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