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A Royal Event.

I'm not usually one to glorify such a public and over-publicized event, but I'm making an exception for today. ;)  Eye roll all you want - I certainly won't blame you if you do, for I will probably do the same once I post and re-read this. ;)

It's 2:55am. I've been up for just under an hour already. I'm camping out on the couch with my mug of coffee, a bed pillow and a warm blanket, watching history being made, via BBC. My husband is snug in bed, most probably stretching out enjoying the extra room. He thinks I'm crazy for getting up at such an ungodly hour...getting only two hours of sleep, waking up to watch something that I can watch on re-run 8 hours from now. There's something special and exciting about seeing it live though. I tried explaining to him why I'm so fascinated with this particular wedding, fascinated enough to get up at 2am.  It's very much part of history. It's not like an american romance - a Hollywood celebrity couple getting married. It's means more. I can't really explain it.

Maybe I got up because I'm a little gaga over the Royal family. I'm a lover of history and being able to witness such an event will be something that I'll always remember and probably someday tell my children about. I talked to my Dad last night before going to bed at midnight, he didn't seem surprised that I was getting up to watch the wedding. It took him back to 1981 to Charles and Diana's wedding. A new generation is at hand, along with a new wedding. Maybe someday, William and Kate's son/daughter will get married and my children will in turn watch history.

I remember when Princess Diana died.The coverage of her untimely death was broadcasted everywhere you looked. Along with her death, came footage from her infamous wedding and life. I was infatuated with her and her royal family.  I've grown up watching her children, William and Harry, grow into men. I never had crushes on them...I always thought them odd looking. :p Harry certainly has improved with age though, I won't lie. ;)

I have to admit, it's not all about the love of history. My curiosity is very much aroused concerning what Kate's dress will look like. I do love a good mystery. All of the gorgeous hats have also caught my eye. I'm even curious to see what the Queen will wear. Fashion is a huge part of this wedding and I'm loving the English flair.

It's now 5:30am. The choir is serenading me. I haven't regretted getting up once, and surprisingly am still quite awake. We'll see if I feel the same way once my little boy is up and my husband is off to work. I think I shall nap when little Simon naps this afternoon...8 hours from now. ;) I hear the birds chirping outside. It's still dark outside, but is growing brighter as each minute passes. Today promises to be a beautiful day. Sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60's. After a week of dreary and rainy weather, I'm looking forward to going out for a walk with my little today...maybe even a run before naptime. Peter and I are also hoping to go out tonight for a much anticipated date. I hope I won't be a walking zombie.  Thank goodness for caffeine and makeup. ;)

So far, every part of the wedding has been breathtaking. The hats, the dresses and the men in uniform. So elegant and refined.  I do love the British life.

Kate's dress is gorgeous and fits her style and body well. She looked so elegant, regal and poised. Her dress wasn't as stunning as I thought it would be, but it's still a winner. A sweet moment was witnessing Prince William, after seeing his bride for the first time, leaning in close and whispering: "You look beautiful".  Aww. Kathrine's brother, beautifully read a few select passages from Romans. It was precious hearing the word of God in such a gorgeous and historic place. Such a perfect wedding. They look so happy and surprisingly calm.  I can't even imagine the nerves and the stress a wedding at this magnitude would do to me.


It's now 6:30am. It's bright outside and still quite in my house (aside from the British voices coming out of my telly). I had to plug my netbook into the wall. It's not used to being up so early. ;) I'm still quite awake and not tired in the least. I'm staying awake, waiting for the traditional kiss on the balcony. I don't want to miss a thing and think I'll have the tv on all day - although, I think I might have to watch Sesame Street to appease my son. ;)

Okay, I think I'll post this before I make an even bigger sentimental fool of myself. ;)


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