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rollercoasters and current random things about me.

I'm having a really horrible day. Coffee isn't helping, the internet isn't helping and even the *very* loud kisses from my son aren't helping (it's probably because immediately following the kisses, he starts to whine in my ear). Honestly I'm about ready to lose it with my whiny-Simonboy. I haven't felt this way in a long time. I've even cried tears (stupid hormones). Thank goodness it's naptime soon. Hopefully I can recompose myself by the time we wakes up and feel like a good mommy again.

Oh, how I wish I could lock myself in a dark cool room and just hang my mom apron up for a day or two.

Naptime: 10 minutes away. I really am so grateful for naps (as horrible and selfish as that sounds). It's a good chunk of time for me to evaluate how my morning went and it's a time for me to take a chill pill if I'm feeling overwhelmed as a mother.

I was thinking yesterday as I was cleaning the kitchen up after getting home from our SG BBQ, that parenthood is like being on a roller-coaster, you're almost always going up or down and when you're not, you're gearing up for the rush of going up or down. Note to my readers: I love roller-coasters, so I'm not in any way bashing parenthood or declaring that it's bad or scary. Okay, it's a little scary. I am grateful for the rare straight on ride (where you're neither going up or down), it gives me time to catch my breath even though I'm feeling the adrenalin rush of what's to come.

I love that every day is a challenge and that every day brings new things. Parenthood is a wonderful God-ordained thing and I don't take it for granted. I know that 30 years from now, I'll look back and know that being a parent was the biggest blessing that I could have asked for. Having Simon has definitely changed my world for the better.

I love you, son!!

I started this "current" post this morning and decided to end my entry on a happy note:

Current Mood:
(simon's cranky, therefore i'm cranky...darnit)
Current Music:
break up (by pete yorn, scarlett johansson)

Current Book:
a thousand splendid suns (by khaled hosseini)

Current Book of the Bible:
1 corinthians

Current Outfit:
white shorts & vs pink nation "kiss me" tank top

Current Nail Color:
orangy red on fingers, pluralized purple on my toes

Current Color of Hair: my natural color - boring dark brown
Current State of Living Space:
moderately clean

Current Weather:
sunshine and quite windy

Current Love:
my iphone

Current Fear:
that we'll never move into a house

Current Food:
cottage cheese

Current Best Friend:
peter. he's my biggest fan

Current Giggle: simon rubbing jelly on his hands (he thought it was lotion)
Current Wish:
to see my family & long distant friends (w/out the hassle or expense of driving or flying)


  1. I'm sorry that you're having a gray day, Jes!

    I do not find it horrible that you are grateful for naps; a little peace for Mommy (and Daddy) is absolutely a healthy thing.


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