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The most wonderful time of the birthday!

I turned 31 yesterday.  It was a rather nice birthday.  My day was full of FB well wishes, a visit from my sweet MIL and SIL, a phone call from my dad and my dad's mom - my beloved Grandma who I miss so much, and my bestie, Johanna. With a few texts and an email or two thrown in just for fun. I even had a Starbucks latte hand-delivered to me to fuel my day, Thanks husband.  Miles surprised me by sleeping in until nearly 10am! I felt well-loved and cherished.  That evening we whisked the boys away to the downtown Macy's Santaland in Minneapolis.
You can totally tell it's my birthday. Not a groan or a cry of protest when I spotted this mirror and declared it was selfie-time. Smiles all around...from the grownups. The boys... eh.
Miles was still in my belly when we last went to this magical place. I could hardly wait to introduce him to the beautiful displays.  And I already knew Simon would enjoy it. Especially since there were cookies at the end of the trail. Their reactions did not disappoint. They even got to sit on Santa's lap. Miles surprised us by initiating the visit. I hope I never forget the look on his face or the willingness to climb up on the jolly old man's lap.  A far cry from last year's encounter.  He was in complete awe of the man. And what a Santa he was! A spitting image of what I would imagine him to look like. He spoke softly to the boys and I'm pretty sure they were both under his spell and would have done anything he would have asked. Teach me your ways, old man.

I snapped this one with my phone

This one I paid money for. I think it was worth it. Miles face...I can't even.

After jumping down and waving goodbye, we meandered over to the cookie station. Mmm, I can still taste that amazing gingerbread cookie. So good.

The boys wanted to go through the displays one more time, so we did. That's what happens when there aren't a ton of people.  Yay for weeknight adventures and not having to wait 2 hours in line.

We arrived back home craving cake.

The massive cake that Simon picked out and my unopened pressies taunting me...always taunting me.  Well worth the wait. :D
The boys helped me blow out my candles (of course!) as well as helping me with my presents. Simon gifted me some candy (nomnom) and Peter...well, Peter gifted me a new laptop/touchscreen tablet. My little old netbook was on the verge of driving me to the insane asylum - nothing frustrates me more than a device that freezes, looses work and needs to be restarted all.the.time. So much wasted time and gnashing of teeth.  My husband is amazing and I don't even mind that this was a combined birthday/Christmas gift.  Maybe I'll blog more now that I have a device that actually works.
Be still my heart. He even bought it in gold. Love that man.
Today, I'm resting and blogging. My health (what little health I had accumulated) relapsed and I ended up loosing my voice late last night.  I'm so grateful that it went away today instead of yesterday - how sad that would have been. However, it did ruin our evening dinner plans tonight. So my amazing husband is bringing home Pho tonight and we'll probably spend the evening munching on popcorn and watching Peter Pan Live with our boys. Simon is SO excited about this show. Advertising works on this kid.  I'll also be working on getting another inventory order together for HWY North. I'll be receiving my first paycheck in a few days. I'm excited and thrilled that my items are selling.

And so with that, I'll sign off. I want to publish this before it gets lost in my draft folder. Toodaloo, my friends!


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