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high and low

Have you ever had a week where you enjoyed so many wonderful things...and yet so many things went wrong? We just had a weekend like that, and let me tell you...I'm exhausted! Wearily exhausted. My brain hurts from being so confused. Here is a brief synopses of our 3-day weekend.

High: We've been trying to plan a trip to Duluth this month. We knew we couldn't squeeze it into our already busy weekend, so after consulting the 10-day forecast, my husband took Friday off. Such a beautiful high. I love Autumn in Duluth. I knew Simon would have a lot of fun there and I was hoping Miles would too - his first Duluth trip!
Happy to be out of the car.
We enjoyed many things and visited some of our favorite places.

Thompson Hill:

Enger Tower and Gardens:

To date, this is my favorite picture of Peter and Miles.

The water was so choppy that the only boat we saw that day was a huge barge heading toward the Lift Bridge.

We made it to the top of the tower! Our eyes are so different.

Of all the places we visited, Enger Tower had the prettiest colors.

This is so unlike Miles. He never sleeps on people!

A Japanese Peace Bell from Duluth's sister city in Ohara, Japan

Kitchi Gammi Park:

His favorite pastime. 

Canal Park Brewery Company (Dinner):
No pictures. They were all on my iPhone. More on that under Sunday. :(

Canal Park:

The weather was gorgeous - but very windy. My hair was a crazy mess by the end of the day, warranting a shower as soon as the boys were in bed.

Low: Finding out that after said shower, water has been leaking under our tub for the past couple of days, dripping down into our kitchen. Seeing the outline of our tub on our kitchen ceiling is not a happy sight. Instead of enjoying a lazy Friday night with my man after a long day and 6 hours in the car, our evening was spent worrying about the tub and praying for wisdom for my husband...and trying to encourage him as best as I could. I felt so helpless.

High: Celebrating my Mother-in-Law's 60th birthday. I'm so glad we were able to celebrate her - she's one of my favorite people!  It was fun seeing all of the cousins playing together and visiting with the grownups.

Low: More tub drama. Another evening taken up by trying to fix the leak - my husband is amazing. Also, having a SUPER cranky 18mo. He's been having such a rough couple of months. I've felt up his back gums a few times, trying to determine if this is teething crankiness, or just 18mo crankiness. It's so hard to tell. His constant whine and shyness of people who aren't his immediate family is getting SO.old and frustrating.

High: Napping and Small Group. Watching The Great Gatsby.

Low: Working in the nursery after a cranky-baby weekend. All I wanted to do was drop my kids off in nursery/kindergarten and sit with my husband and listen to a missionary talk about God and his goodness and faithfulness. I needed to hear that sermon and be reminded about the goodness of God. But instead, it was my week to work in the nursery, changing diapers and wiping runny noses. I'm grateful for these nurseries and the children - and even though I was fighting for joy on our way to church, my attitude changed once I walked into the room - it's funny how being completely adored by 2 year old's can make you feel so much better - even if you are wiping butts and noses.  A few more lows of the day were the Vikings losing and not being able to sleep as long as I wanted during my Sunday afternoon nap. Also, a very clingy 18mo at our Small Group meeting - so much for enjoying a little break. But, the biggest low was updating my phone and then losing everything - which of course included all of my pictures. Having to go through the steps of setting up a new phone was not how I wanted to end my weekend. Also, staying up until close to 2 am trying to restore it was not cool. Especially when the alarm went off this morning.  Oh Monday.

So to say that my brain is confused on whether it should be happy or sad is an understatement. I'm weary. I'm tying not to hyperventilate about a long week ahead with my kids (is it bad that I'm craving a break from the Motherhood?). I just want a worry-free, kid-free, problem-free hour...or two. But instead, it'll be spent indoors as I re-install my apps back onto my phone, trying to keep up with the household chores and keeping my boys happy and entertained. Highs and lows.


  1. Sorry for so many ups and downs. Life is a hilly ride! Hope your Monday was better and that you all have the tub figured out!
    Love you friend!


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