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We all have dreams... {home edition}

Have you been following Emily's 20 days of Summer Giveaway posts? I have. I probably shouldn't though as I'm inspired OUT OF MY MIND to redecorate and spend tons of money and time on our house. I'm not satisfied with our home decor. It could be WAY worse. But it could be better too. I keep reminding myself to give it time. We've only been in this house for a couple years now and once both boys are bigger and we're out of the baby-phase, we can start doing more with the house.

Currently, our living room is filled with toys, a much-loved (read: stained) couch and dark furniture, woodwork and blinds. For now it works, but someday I would LOVE to brighten it up and not have so many toys laying around. I would also LOVE to have a toy room. You know, a room designated for toys. I've heard that they exist. Someday this will become a reality.

See what I mean? So dark.
Hello toys and clutter.

This toy room is too cool. I adore Land of Nod and so naturally I adore this toy room.

Via 6th Street Design School
Maybe we can clear out part of our (unfinished) basement and set aside a little nook for the boys. Right next to my husbands dream workspace.

We all have dreams.

I've always had a dream where I would have a craft room/office/girly room. That dream has only gotten bigger as I've had boys. I NEED a girly room where I can get away from the trucks, balls, batman+star wars toys and masculine colors. A room where I can accessorize with florals, fabrics and throw pillows.  The only problem is our house is tiny and the "spare bedroom" is currently our storage room...and we need a storage room. We also need a spare bedroom for overnight guests. So my goal is to try and keep the storage room, but incorporate a crafty girly-office space for me...with maybe a daybed/couch for the overnight guests. IDK. Still thinking dreaming.

3. Via lollyjane
6. Via Pinterest

The boys love hanging out upstairs, but only when I'm up there too. They just need to have someone up there with them, I don't know feel secure and safe? I usually don't have anything to do up there, so if I were to have a crafty-room, that would be a wonderful added excuse for me to hang out upstairs with my little men-folk.

So, my {top} three goals for this house are:
1) To re-think the living room. Bring in some fun features, try and lighten up the room, gradually move the toys downstairs/upstairs....
2) Turn our spare bedroom into a fun spot for me to hang out in and let out my creative juices flow...while being upstairs with the boys
3) Make the boys {tiny} bedroom into a FUN and colorful and creative place to that we can hang out upstairs more.

Via My Home Ideas

Via I heart Organizing

 Via Apartment Therapy
^^The boys have a closet just like this - only with a slanted ceiling. Right now it's full of baby/seasonal storage stuff. Someday, I'm going to paint it a cheery color and make it into a little reading nook. Only, unlike this pic - it's going to be all boy. :)

Once Miles is out of his {huge} crib, and into the bunkbed that he'll share with his big brother, I foresee my dreams coming true. Maybe another year or so. I need to start collecting ideas, start setting aside money and not twirl my thumbs so much. It'll happen, I know it will!


  1. love your ideas! I think if you painted the living room a lighter color you would feel 100 times better about the space. Brighter and whiter. An off white/grey or an ivory would make it feel bigger, methinks.

  2. Or keep the color, but maybe on just one wall? Love your ideas Jes! My kids don't play upstairs much either. Well, Kinsey does some--the doctor said girls are more independent than boys. maybe?


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