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scary dinosaurs

I'm writing with really nothing to write about. Ever feel like blogging just to blog? That's how I'm feeling right now. I have a cup of coffee nearby, the weather is chilly outside (gotta love September, it's chilly in the morning/late evening and hot in the afternoon. The best of both worlds), and the youngest is taking a nap while the oldest watches network Saturday morning TV.  Don't judge, this doesn't happen all too often. Peter's away this morning, helping a family out from our church. It feels like a Friday morning because he's gone. Second Saturday in a row that he hasn't been home. It's okay though, he'll be home in the afternoon/evening and ALL day tomorrow. Squee!

As stated above, my son is watching Saturday morning kids TV. This is a rare treat for him. Every now and then it's nice for him to take a break from PBS and watch mindless kid stuff (kinda like when I watch reality TV - heh). When I do let him watch network kids stuff, I'm reminded of how much I love PBS. Not only are the shows educational, but they don't have annoying ads geared towards kids. Ads that make your kids go insane begging YOU to spend $30 on stupid slippers. Simon wants these SO bad.

Really? Yeeeah, not going to happen kid.

I will say though, PBS does run ads for waterparks and local zoos. He has it in his head that he wants to go to a huge waterpark. This coming from a kid who hates baths, hates getting his hair washed and hates water on his face/head.

A few months ago, PBS was running an ad for the MN Zoo's Dinosaur exhibit. Of course Simon wanted to go, because he loves dinosaurs. We didn't have a season pass, so we never gave him hope that we would go before the exhibit was over. But, a few weeks later, in mid-June, my Aunt asked if I wanted to go with her and her little girl, they just happened to have a couple guest passes. We happily agreed. Simon was so excited to see his beloved dinosaurs! Truth be told, it could have gone a lot better. Not only were these dinosaurs life size, but they moved and made noises and some even squirted water at innocent pedestrians. Simon was not a fan and quite frankly, was scared out of his mind. You had to pay to get in, so I wasn't about to fight through the crowd and exit through the entrance, wasting precious mula. If Peter had been there, he would have taken pity on his son and left. But he wasn't, so we stayed. Plus, I thought maybe he'd get used to them. Nope. He cried, clung to me and even screamed a few times. I felt awful...and a little humored. Let's just say he didn't have an enjoyable time. Weeks later, he was still talking about the scary T-Rex. My husband was wise and told him that they were just big robots. That actually helped him more than me telling him that they were just pretend. I wish I had thought of the robot explanation while we were going through, he might have dealt with them better. Oh well. It's a memory that won't soon be forgotten and a good reminder that even though the ad looked pretty cool on TV, it might be way too much for a little 3 3/4 year old to handle. And that's why we're not going to the waterpark anytime soon. ;)

Simon and his little cousin were SO pumped to see the dinosaurs!

The entrance

scary big!

He started off walking. Holding on to me tightly...

 And then the apprehension changed to terror. I carried him while pushing the stroller. It was an interesting walk.

Aww, look Simon *little* babies. See, they're little!

Scary dude.

This is a pretty cool youtube video of the exhibit. See, it is kinda scary. 

the end.


  1. bryce wants those shoes too!! and the puppet blankets. have you seen those? oh saturday morning tv..

    1. lol, I don't think I have. Gotta love it

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