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Chairs, Craigslist & Coffee

Decorating my home has really been weighing on my mind this last month or so. I feel like we're so close to tying everything together in a cohesive sort of way...and then I feel like we have such a ways to go. This weekend/yesterday we got that much closer. I found these amazing chairs at goodwill on Saturday.

I usually shop the front of the store first, making my way to the back. But for some reason, I immedietly went to the back where the furniture was (probably because I'm so ready to find a tall dresser for the boys room, and get rid of our extra wide one that only takes up way too much space). These chairs were meant for us. We've been wanting new chairs for the past year (ever since Peter made me this AMAZING table):
March 2012
We've looked at chairs a few times but never found the right ones...and I wasn't interested in paying an exuberant amount of money per chair. So we waited. And waited, and waited. As soon as I saw these chairs at goodwill I knew they were going home with us. Even before I looked at the price tag. I was hoping they weren't too expensive. And they weren't. $9.99 per chair (10% off for loading them up ourselves). That's right, $9 per chair, $36 for the set. They go SO well in our dining room. The dark wood complements the woodwork in the room as well as the table. And get this, they're comfortable. Not even kidding. They also boast an extra wide seat. Holla! So now two of my favorite goodwill finds are together in one room. Now I just have to figure out the artwork for the dining room, finish sewing the runner for the table and maybe make matching placemats....and the dining room will be finished!  Riiiight.



Yesterday we sold a table that we had upstairs on Craigslist. Peter bought the table 8 years ago when he first got our apartment (we were still dating I think). It was a wonderful table, with a beautiful dark finish. I loved it, but it was too big for our small house. So I posted it on Craigslist on Monday. By Monday night, I received an email, and set up a time for the following night for couple to come and pick it up. They arrived last night, gave Peter the money and packed it up into their truck. After they left Peter gave me the money and I realized they had overpaid us. I quickly called them before they got too far away and told them of their error. She thanked me for my honesty and said they would turn around and come back. 15 seconds later, my phone rang and the husband was on the phone. He said that he was a pastor and knew what it was like to be a young couple with little kids. He said that we could keep the money. I hung up in shock. I felt so very blessed by their kindness and generosity.

I'm grateful today for my chairs (which I'm certain the Lord kept for us) and for the kindness of strangers. And for the mocha I'm sipping on.

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  1. I love this whole post... and especially the part about the extra cash from C-list! Also, I haven't visited your bloggie lately (I read through google reader) and I really really really LOVE the design. SO adorable! Love YOU <3

    1. Thanks, Rosanna! Slowly but surely my blog is coming together. Now if only I could change my blog name everything would be close to perfect. :p


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